After six weeks of rehabilitation I felt much better

John Price’s heart attack came out of the blue. One morning, 57-year-old John started feeling peculiar. By lunchtime he was in hospital. The diagnosis was a heart attack. The treatment, an angioplasty, involving fitting four stents in three of his arteries.

John spent five days in hospital before he was sent home, with advice to see his GP and make sure he walked. Luckily for John, his wife Ann found out about a six-week course of cardiac rehabilitation therapy at their local hospital.

I learned so much at Cardiac Rehab

‘It was absolutely superb. We had talks about medication and diet and did exercise at each of the classes, with 20 minutes relaxation at the end,’ says John. ‘Everyone had an assessment and each session started with very basic exercise. A heart attack leaves you feeling very weak.’

John started gently, walking five more steps every day, and going to the rehabilitation classes each week. ‘The exercise at rehab showed us how to lift and move things. As the weeks went on we moved on to jogging on the spot and using hand weights. I was so much more confident.’

‘John’s heart attack was a shock to both of us,’ remembers Ann. ‘The rehab course gave us both confidence that your life can go on.’

That was 14 years ago. ‘We now exercise together – with regular walks and swims. And we’ve managed to travel much more,’ says John. ‘We’ve done some quite strenuous walking up hills on our trips. If I hadn’t been to the classes I don’t think I’d have been able to cope. Going to the rehab sessions taught me that there’s not much you can’t do after a heart attack.’