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Are you at risk of another heart attack?

Once you have had a heart attack, you may be at risk of having another. A heart attack happens when one or more of the arteries of your heart become blocked.

This causes your heart to not get enough oxygen. It is important to understand that your heart attack may not be a one-time event.

Despite the fact that you have survived a heart attack, you are at an even higher risk of having another. With the right medications and lifestyle changes, you can help reduce your risk of another heart attack.

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A heart attack can happen again in any one of the arteries of your heart

Risk factors that can affect your chance of having another heart attack

Patient Age

Medical history

Health conditions

Severity of heart attack

Understanding your heart attack

Your heart attack may have been caused by a blockage in one of the arteries of your heart. 
Plaque can build up in the wall of your artery over time.
Plaque is mostly made up of fat, cholesterol, and other substances found in your blood. 
When a plaque ruptures, it can block the flow of blood and oxygen.
Take a look at the video below to see what may happen when a heart attack occurs.

A second heart attack can happen again in any artery of your heart